Ben Thompson


2023 | Shopify Store Development

Over the last year, I have been working with Clive and his team to grow and better present their online store Sowerbys Shoes. Our aim working together has been to increase sales and work on building new systems to give the customer a better user experience.


  • 176% Increase In Total Sales Q4 2023

    During our first winter period working together we achieved massive growth. In the month of November, total sales jumped from to £1420 to £5240, a 270% increase year over year

  • 50% Increase In Returning Customer Rate

    During our current involvement period with the Sowerbys Shoes site, Shopify reports a 50% increase in returning customer rate over the last two months in comparison with Q1 2023. Pleasing results considering one area of focus for us was to build a visual identity with the customers base.

  • National Recognition

    Recognition within national tabloids for the work put into the online presence for Sowerbys Shoes.

  • No.1 Rankings Within Local Areas

    We initially highlighted neccesary SEO work to rank the site on Google for shoes in Stourbridge and the local areas. The implementation of this can be best seen at the top of the Sowerbys website. This change has resulted in exactly the results we desired, being the first website listed when searching for various shoes in areas local to the site.

To streamline to businesses operations, we also worked together to build an app to automate as many processses as possible and reduce the time needed to maintain operation. This includes updating stock and adding new products. View the project here.

Enthusiastic, reliable with great expertise, Ben has been a revelation working on both our web sites with pleasing results. I would thoroughly recommend him for your I.T. promotions.