Ben Thompson


2023 | Shopify Store Development

The lack of systems in place for Clive’s business meant time was being spent on admin that should have been spent on serving customer both in the shop and online. The goal of this app was to remove all tedious, time intensive work that goes into running a shop that does not contribute in sales.



    The system uses Shopfiy's GraphQL API and CSV stock sheets provided by manufacturers to automatically list a product to customers on Shopify. This includes the description, images, variants etc.. and provides the user suggestions for prices and titles based on the product. Rather than adding a new product taking 15 minutes, it can now be replicated in 30 seconds.

  • Stock System

    We built a system that updates the stock of all products on the Sowerby's store based on whether they are available from the distributors. This involves separate inventory locations so that products out of stock at the warehouse can still be fulfilled with remaining store stock. The process runs in the background and only needs one click from the operator.

  • Store Stock

    Included with the comprehesive system is functionallity to record sales, returns, adding new stock from shipments and changing stock . This not only works as a sales book, but will also update the stock on Shopify accordingly, making Shopify work as an online hosted inventory.

  • Sales Book

    A digital sales book using a backend of locally hosted SQL databases allows all the sales data to be kept digitally. This means we can draw conclusions much easier, such as best selling products and monthly revenue.